Board of Directors Meeting for Old Stagecoach Campground


Board of Directors Meeting

In attendance were the following Board members:

  • Skip D’Ambrosio ( by Phone)
  • Chuck Mullin
  • Joe Consentino
  • Barbara Zettlemoyer

Old Business

1. The board will repair or replace the backboard at the basketball court next season.

2. The same homeowner who spoke about the oil tank at the annual meeting inspected the work under the deck and sent the Board along with many homeowners an email that indicated that he found oil in the tank and that we were liars. The homeowner was contacted via email and the board had the liquid again removed and the tank sealed. The bong hole was left open but covered by the maintenance staff. We believe water got into the tank due to the record number of rainfalls and we have stored the liquid for testing. Results of the tests by IQ labs will be posted for the homeowners review.

3. Initial reviews of the ballots from homeowners regarding future capital projects finds that roads was a first priority, lighting and security were 2nd and third. The security gate was fourth.

4.  We have received approximately one hundred ballots from the recent voting ballots for changing the bylaws. We will be sending them out with next year’s invoices and increasing the percentage to 60% in order to gather more support for the change.

5. Pat our maintenance supervisor resigned effective September 1, 2013 due to health reasons. Charlie will take over as the lead mechanic.


New Business

1.    IQ labs completed their test of the water from the oil tanks. Results will be available and a letter of response to the homeowner who questioned our integrity who be sent out to him and all other homeowners. 

2.    We have put the laundry contract out to bid. We are reviewing the contract status with our existing vendor and our attorneys. There is an automatic extension included in the contract which we do not feel is enforceable.  We are looking for a vendor who can provide card value option to eliminate the use of change.

3.    We have a serious structural problem with 2 tanks on the 1100 block. These tanks are 40 years old and made of concrete block. The tree routes are growing through the mortar and these tanks need to be drained and the walls repaired. In addition, the trees on these lots need to be removed. We are looking at a large expense to maintain these tanks.

4.    We will have the trees removed and the tanks drained this year. We will inspect the tanks and plan a strategy for repairing these units prior to opening next season.

5.     The board utilized our maintenance man for night security last season. It was agreed that this would not be approved again going forward since he received a lot of push back from homeowners whom he has to provide maintenance services to during the day time. We will hire a professional security staff next season regardless of cost and security will be instructed to contact police when homeowners are non-cooperative.

6.    The board agreed that until we get more participation from homeowner/volunteers, there could be no more events. We will request for volunteers at the season opening for 2014 and if no one volunteers than no schedule or calendar of events will be developed.

7.    The arcade revenues continue to shrink each year. The community received less than $600 as our share or $50 per week. The cost of maintaining the room, electricity and a lack of security or control are of great concern to the board. We may have to ask ourselves if this even worth operating.  We will seek to turn the space into an Internet access café to better utilize the space.  We will seek to have community WIFI.

8.    Charlie has agreed to work 10-12 hours per week to open and close the bathhouse during the winter and inspect the property for mechanical and structural damages. This cost has been factored into next years labor cost projections.





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